Flat Stanley around Europe

Los alumnos de 6º Primaria participan en este proyecto junto a alumnos de Noruega, Francia, Rumania, Italia, Grecia y República Checa.
Flat Stanley


Stanley is the name of a small character from a book created by Jeff Brown. It is the story of a young boy who becomes flat because of his wardrobe falling down on him! He becomes so flat that he can travel in an envelope!

Herramientas a utilizar:
Audio conferencia, MP3, Otro software (Powerpoint, video, fotos y dibujos), TwinSpace
– Develop communication skills in a foreign language, share information and learn how to connect on a virtual world – Improve ICT skills – Improve mutual comprehension and knowledge between European countries in order to overcome stereotypes and learn to be tolerant. – Encourage pupils to know each other and why not becoming friends
Proceso de trabajo:
– The idea is to send a character named Flat Stanley in the partner’s country with a journal. When the school receives the Stanley, they will have to complete the journal with information – You will have to take photos of Stanley in class, at home, during an activity, etc … and post them on the twinspace with texts and videos – The first Stanleys will have to leave their home country in October.
Resultados esperados:
By the end of the year, Stanleys have to be back to their home country with the journal completed. At the end, we could hold an exhibition with all Stanleys hand in hand and posters with photos and texts f what Stanley has been doing during his trip


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