Knock, knock, who´s there ?

Los alumnos de 2º Primaria van a participar en el proyecto colaborativo “Knock, knock, who´s there?“. A partir de este momento están hermanados con centros de Turquía, Polonia, Italia, España y Grecia.


The aim of the project is for young EFL learners to consolidate and improve their english conversational skills. It is the intention that the young learners become familiar with everyday expressions in the english language and being able to converse on a simple level about their daily lives, family and activities/hobbies. It is also important for all the children to find out and see for themselves how other children of their own age group live and play.

Lenguas extranjeras , Materias de Primaria
Edad de los alumnos:
7 – 8
Herramientas a utilizar:
Diario del proyecto, MP3, Otro software (Powerpoint, video, fotos y dibujos), TwinSpace
To motivate young EFL learners to use their english (albeit of a limited range), to express themselves on a general level as well as exchanging basic information about their family, environment and activities/hobbies; to summarise, to FIND OUT about each other as a person as well as FINDING OUT about other children and countries – hence the title “Knock, knock, who´s there?”. Developing ICT skills at all levels. Developing ORAL skills in a foreign language. 
Proceso de trabajo:
Over the school year, a progression and development of general english language skills for young pupils. OCTOBER 2013 – Pupils introduce themselves using simple vocabulary, eg. my name is…., I am 7 years old. END NOVEMBER 2013 – Progression to family. eg. there are 4 people in my family, my mum, my dad, my brother and me, we also have a dog and a cat. END JANUARY 2014 – environment, my house, there are 3 bedrooms, my bedroom, the garden etc. END MARCH 2014 – activites and hobbies, at the weekend I………………………, with my family I like……………. END MAY 2014 – Short interviews eg. pupil to pupil encapsulating all work covered during the year eg. What´s your name, where do you live, tell me about your family, what are your hobbies etc. 
Resultados esperados:
A progression and fluency in english communication. An affirmative, positive and confident development in their english language conversation and pronunciation. An enjoyment of discovering and learning about new friends in other countries. A marked improvement and acceptance of a wide majority of ICT skills. 


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