Little Friends in a Big World

Los alumnos de Infantil 5 años van a participar en el proyecto colaborativo “Little Friends in a Big World” junto al alumnado de centros escolares del Reino Unido, Rumanía,  España.


The aim of the project is for very young EFL learners, 4-5 years old, to have an easy,enjoyable and fun start to their english language learning. To also motivate the pupils to use the english language to exchange information and to communicate, to discover other countries and to make friends in those countries by sharing songs, videos and everyday experiences in their young lives. A principal aim of this project is for the children to learn from each other .

Lenguas extranjeras , Materias de Preescolar , Música , Teatro
Edad de los alumnos:
4 – 5
Herramientas a utilizar:
Diario del proyecto, email, Foro, MP3, Otro software (Powerpoint, video, fotos y dibujos), Publicación Web, TwinSpace
The aims and objectives are manifold, ranging from an easy and fun EFL teaching to intercultural exchanges, a greater exposure to english for very young learners and obtaining optimum results in all aspects. Developing ICT skills at all levels. 
Proceso de trabajo:
Due to the pupils young age, it is proposed that the process be one of a gentle yet continuous and developing progression over the school year as follows: – October: to send our first greetings and introducing the children. – End of November: a simple Christmas carol on video being open to actions, play acting with the carol and providing the lyrics for future reference. – End of January, 2014: Talk about their favourite animal, eg. pets at home, farm or wild. The use of soft toys for this in the classroom and the teacher could ask them simple questions eg. What is it?, colour, name etc. – End of March: Exchange of a recorded song with actions so that each participating country may learn each others song. – End of May. the afore said videos can be seen and we can say goodbye!
Resultados esperados:
The expected results would be: – Public Twinspace with all our work – Benefit for the children in their english communication and their intercultural foundation – Forming friendships, partnerships for the teaching staff as well as the children. – Beneficial on all levels from a professional point of view 


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