School Newsroom

Los alumnos de 4º Primaria participan en este proyecto School Newsroom junto al alumnado de colegios de Polonia, Reino Unido (2 centros), Turquía, Grecia, Croacia, Italia, España y Alemania.


We will set up news teams in each school who will collect news from around the school every two weeks before they record the news show. This will include presenters, interviews and lots of information about the school and the school community. Our viewers can tell us what they like about the show and what they would like to see. We will have an end of year prize ceremony for presenter, broadcaster and story of they year as well as other prizes. These children will be our production team who celebrate our news.

Geografía , Informática TIC , Materias de Primaria , Medios de comunicación , Multidisciplinar , Teatro , Tecnología
Edad de los alumnos:
7 – 11
Herramientas a utilizar:
email, Otro software (Powerpoint, video, fotos y dibujos), TwinSpace, Video conferencia
Objetivos:To celebrate what we are doing in school and compare differences. To get the children to work collaboratively within school to put together a broadcast and to collect news. They will act as critical viewers for their partner news team as they will explain what they liked and what they would like to see. This will be done through the twinspace.<Proceso de trabajo:September have the news teams set up. Broadcast every two weeks via twinspace and youtube. comments are left on twinspace News teams adapt to comments and await feedback. More broadcasts are done with children carrying on commenting. At Christmas first awards for favourite show, broadcaster, interview, presenter. Carry on broadcasting and responding to audiences ideas


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