Yes, 2.0 Young Europeans Speak

El alumnado de 1º y  2º Secundaria participa en el proyecto Yes 2.0. Young Europeans Speak junto al alumnado de Alemania, Armenia, Azerbaiyán, Bélgica, Bulgaria,Croacia,  Dinamarca, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, Estonia, Finlandia, Francia,  Hungría, Italia, Letonia, Macedonia, Noruega, Paises Bajos, Polonia, Portugal, Reino Unido, Republica Checa, República de Moldavia, Rumaniía, Ucrania, Tunez .


The Voice of Young Europeans! In this project pupils from all over Europe use video, audio and Web 2.0 to share on a wide range of topics. Each contribution is accompanied by a few questions to get discussion started. Pupils listen to, comment on, “like” and vote for the contributions of their partners. The idea is to get our pupils speaking and listening (rather than writing!) and to help them to discover more about the life of teenagers all over Europe.

Ciudadanía , Estudios europeos , Informática TIC , Lenguas extranjeras , Multidisciplinar
DE – EN – FR
Edad de los alumnos:
9 – 16
Herramientas a utilizar:
Audio conferencia, MP3, Otro software (Powerpoint, video, fotos y dibujos), TwinSpace, Video conferencia
To encourage speaking and listening for real purposes in language lessons. To enable our pupils to find out more about the lives of other young Europeans and make friends. To develop ICT skills.
Proceso de trabajo:
Each school will upload at least one contribution per month between October and May. Schools can choose their own topics, according to the themes covered in their lessons, or take ideas from our list. The contributions must be oral and not written. Each contribution is accompanied by a few questions to encourage active listening and to provoke thought and comment! The partners listen to the others’ contributions and leave comments and opinions.
Resultados esperados:
Our pupils will develop knowledge and understanding of teenage life around Europe and make new friends. They will develop better language and ICT skills. Our work will produce a database of audio-visual episodes which can be used after the end of the project.


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