3º Primaria

UNIT 2  Look after yourself

  • Food groups and their role in the body. Healthy eating and a balanced diet.
  • Health and illness. Healthy habits.
  • Identification of unhealthy habits. Prevention of problems caused by unhealthy habits.
  • The stages of life and the changes we undergo.
  • Feelings and emotions.
  1. Video 1: Food Pyramid
  2. Game 1: Make a balances plate
  3. Food Pyramid – Nutrition Table – Food and its groups for kids

  4. Make a healthy lunchbox
  5. Video: The healthy habits song
  6.  Exercise and health

UNIT 3 Living Things

  • Classifications of living things.
  • Life processes of living things.
  • Plants.
  • Adaptations and variety of life.
  • Interaction of living things.
  1. The living things chant
  2. Video: Living and nonliving things for kids
  3. Find the difference between living things and non-living things
  4. Types of living things
  5. Different types of living things
  6. Bacteria
  7. Song 1: the needs of a plant

UNIT 4 Mammals and birds

  • Livestock farming. Study of the young of certain animals.
  • Mammals.
  1.  learn about the different farm animals, their babies and their homes : Video
  2. Mammals song


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