5º Primaria

Unit 1: Living things

–         Characteristics (cell structure – parts and functions- and vital functions – nutrition, reproduction and interaction -)

Game 1: Cell parts

–         How living things are classified (Plant, protist, monera, animal and fungus kingdoms)

Unit 2: Interaction and the body

–         Receiving information ( sense organs of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch)

–         Processing information (The central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system)

–         Giving a response (the skeleton, joints and muscles)

Unit 5: Ecosystems

–         Elements (Living things and physical environment)

–         The Earth´s terrestrial ecosystems (tundra, grasslands, tropical rainforest , forest and desert)

–         Acuatic ( marine, freshwater) and artificial ecosystems (terrestrial, aquatic and urban)

  1. Terrestrial Ecosystems
  2. Food chains (I)
  3. Food chains (II)
  4. Ecosystems of Spain
  5. Natural Ecosystems
  6. Ecosystems
  7. Habitats
  8. Social patterns – living in groups


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